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This is my semi-official website. Due to the time it takes me to write articles, translate them and then write the html code before actually posting them, updates are much slower than I would like. Please check out my blog, Lactose-Free Girl, for more frequent updates.

On this website you will find a bit of everything: The emphasis will be on movie reviews, but there will also be book and CD reviews, concert and restaurant reviews, more and more recipes, and a lot of random stuff. Fair warning: I am quite the eclectic!
It is a work in progress and updates will come whenever I have the time.

This site is also available in French. I should warn you that I may change a few sentences here and there as this is a liberal translation (an adaptation in a few cases), but since this is my website and since I'm the author anyway, I will allow myself to take this liberty! ;o)

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticism, special requests, feedback, or if you find typos.

Amélie likes:
- the smell of rain
- chocolate-chip cookies hot from the oven
- having both hands in soil (as long as she can wash her hands after)
- knitting

Amélie dislikes:
- hair on the soap
- sitting in the subway and realizing that the seat is still warm from the last person who sat in it
- finishing a Harry Potter book, because she loves Harry Potter
- having to choose a screen name

What's up, Doc?

Here is a very interesting short documentary showing how easy it would be to manipulate an election in a country that uses electronic voting, such as the USA. Not that our Canadian paper-ballot system is perfect or anything, but worth watching.

You have probably all heard about puppy mills by now. But apart from vowing never to buy a dog (or cat) from a pet store again, you probably don’t know what else to do. So here’s a petition to make puppy mills illegal in Canada.
On a related note, here’s another petition to hopefully, someday in the not-too-distant future, have international laws regarding animal welfare.

Finally, for those of you who, like me, think all this consumerism has gone a bit too far, here’s a link to share with your friends and family, explaining the story of stuff.

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This time (July 24th, 2009):
- the blog
- 2 movies
- 2 cds
- 1 pet peeve + 1 find
- 1 Oscar review
- 12 recipes
- 14 restaurant reviews (11 of which are in Montreal)
- the updated Archives (85 movie reviews, 42 book reviews, 51 CD reviews, 18 concert reviews, 59 restaurant reviews and 71 random articles)

amelie amelie amelie

Movie Reviews
I'll update whenever I can, both for movies in theaters and in rental stores.

Book Reviews
Expect these to come more slowly,
as I don’t have time to read
as much as I want.

CD Reviews
Expect these to come more slowly,
as I don't have enough money to buy
as many CDs as I want.

amelie amelie amelie

Concert Reviews
Here are some concert reviews, in the hope that you'll discover new bands
or live vicariously through me. ;o)

Restaurant Reviews
Different restaurants
where you can (or shouldn't) eat.

Check out my food blog,
Lactose-Free Girl!

amelie amelie amelie

This includes my random thoughts, quotes, essays, articles, event reviews, basically what didn’t belong
anywhere else.

Still somewhat under construction,
but 326 articles are up!

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